Department History

The Town of Moraga was incorporated in November of 1974 and originally contracted for police services with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office. The contracted police services, called the Lafayette-Moraga Police Department, was a joint venture with the City of Lafayette.

In 1979, the Town of Moraga decided to form its own police department comprised of 10 Officers. Larry Olsen, The first Chief of East Bay Regional Parks Police Department, was only part time. The Moraga Police Department was officially founded December 17, 1979. Following two weeks of orientation the department began patrolling the streets January 1st, 1980 at midnight.

Within a few years Moraga had its own fulltime Chief of Police, Tom Simms. The department expanded from 10 sworn Officers to its current authorized staff of 13 sworn, 5 reserves, and 3 civilians. The department started as a generalist only police department and has evolved to include many different specialties including detective and traffic. Although the department includes these specialties, we still hold true to some of our founding generalist principles with each officer handling his or her own case from start to finish with the exception of major cases handled by the detective.

The look of the department has changed over the years. The original uniform was shared with EBRPD, being composed of a tan top with green pants. The uniform did not change to LAPD blue until the late 80's. During the early 90's there was even a period where white shirts were the uniform of the day. The vehicle fleet has also changed, starting with just 4 high profile cars striped with yellow and black to today's fleet of high and low profile cars, off road motorcycles and a command unit.